A great look at 17Hats on the Accountex Report Blog

We’re always on the look out for great technology and we use 17 hats ourselves.  Here is a great review by Greg Lam over the Accountex Report on a great project tool for small business owners. 

I often dismiss apps that do everything, especially viewed through the lens of an accounting professional. However, as a small business owner who has to perform many functions, it’s hard to deny the appeal of an all-in-one app like 17hats.

So, what are the 17 things that 17hats can do?

  1. Overview (of your business functions)
  2. *Contacts
  3. *Projects
  4. Questionnaires
  5. *Quotes
  6. Contracts
  7. *Invoices
  8. *Accept Credit Cards
  9. *Bookkeeping
  10. *Calendar
  11. To Do Lists
  12. *Time Tracking
  13. Workflow
  14. *Templates
  15. Email Sync
  16. Lead Capture

Wait, that’s only 16. I have no clue where that 17th hat went. It doesn’t matter though. What I get from looking at that list is that a lot of the things the 17hats app can do can also be done by an accounting app. I put an asterisk next to the ones that regular accounting and invoicing apps can do. When I tallied it up, the number came to 9, which means that a regular accounting and invoicing app can do half of what 17hats provides. As times marches on in the online app world, I’m seeing more and more crossover amongst the capabilities of apps.

What I specifically want to test out in 17hats is how the process would work for a freelancer booking clients, in the same way they would with software like FreshBooks. The tasks I came up with are:

  • Track an email conversation with a client
  • Capture some information about the client’s needs
  • Provide a quote (with options for the client to choose from)
  • Provide an official invoice
  • Get a contract signed
  • Get payment
  • Schedule the work in the calendar

As such, I’ll be going through the steps I took to perform those tasks. After I do that, I’ll briefly introduce some of 17hats’ other functions.

Read the full post:17hats — The Solopreneur App That Does it All? – Accountex Report



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