Leadership is a Performance Art

Charts. Graphics. Videos. Messaging. KPIs. Sometimes, we are so focused on the content of our presentations that we forget the delivery and the audiences’ desire to connect. What gets lost in the shuffle is well, the theater of it all. The creativity behind every choice that elicits deep engagement and human connection. The crafting of a captivating story. The transformational journey offered. The transcendent tones in your voice. These are all essential to your success because every presentation is a performance, no matter the audience size. The trajectory of your career is determined by your creative voice.

The trajectory of your career is determined by your creative voice.

I am a Creative Producer for high achieving leaders who want to give presentations that move people profoundly. When you align the poetic invention of theatre with the corporate world, your speech remains alive in the memory of your audience. My mission is to bring out your creative intelligence and help you solidify your leadership voice through:

  • Well Rounded Storytelling: Focusing on physical, spacial and emotional techniques
  • Nailing the Metaphor: Determining your unique expression and producing the supportive creative elements
  • Technical production: Developing lighting, sound, setting, and wardrobe; the aesthetics that inform the atmosphere and mood

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