Nicole found the perfect public speaking recipe.

Nicole wasn’t sure how to narrow down her message in a way that relayed both her passions and her expertise. Because Nicole was also very introverted and reserved, public speaking felt like a daunting pursuit she could not tackle on her own. She simply didn’t know where to start – that is, until Nicole signed up for Misty’s program and found the perfect public speaking recipe.

Robina learned all the vital public speaking strategies.

As an author, Robina had experience speaking in front of crowds, but still felt stuck on how to present her best self. She also worried that though she has a lot to say, a lapse in confidence and conciseness may cause her to lose people. When Robina discovered that Misty’s course covered all the vital public speaking strategies, she immediately signed up.

Twyla conquered her nerves and embodies the leader she is meant to be!

As a powerhouse executive of a software company, Twyla always seemed poise and calm on the outside; however on the inside, public speaking had her overcome with nerves. As a guiding force in her company, it became increasingly vital for Twyla to conquer those nerves and fully embody the leader she is meant to be. Upon discovering Misty’s course, she felt it was “a no brainer” to sign up.

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