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21-Step Blog Writing Checklist To Publish Posts by CoSchedule


CoSchedule is a tool we love and use, and they’ve got a great 21-step blog writing checklist for you.

No one remembers the brainiac who said this sacramental phrase “Content is the king” (rumors have it, it was Bill Gates); but we do our best to create content that helps us reach goals to appear on Google’s top 10.

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Before you click the “Publish” button, your content has to fight through all circles of hell. This blog writing checklist will help you make sure your posts are ready when you want to hit publish.

It’s as clear as day that your blog has many categories, and I know you know how to choose them. Before publishing new content, make sure you choose a relevant category and tags for it. They’ll increase traffic and engagement by improving the user’s experience and helping search engines index it the right way.

You know what you’ll be posting on your blog in the future. It’s good to understand how this particular post will relate to your future content. Write every post, keeping in mind its role for your blog, your product, and your business.


And because I particularly agree with point number 8 on their checklist, I’m going to ask…  What’s the toughest part of keeping a regular blog schedule for you? For me, it’s always been the waves of focus.  I’ll go through crazy obsessed focus for a week, two weeks, sometimes even a month and then something else gets in the way.  What about you?

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