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6 Healthy Tips To Keep Your Stamina on Stage that Isn’t Manufactured


There are days when I am beyond exhausted and yet somehow, I have to pull up the energy to be “on” and get on stage. Sometimes it’s through sheer willpower that I make it through a 2 hour performance where I am on stage for a good portion of it. Or it could be at a conference I am helping to host and it’s a 12 hour day of seeing clients and having that smile on your face—a genuine smile, not one that is painted on.

I can tell the difference of my energy based on what I have done the day before and the morning of to prepare me for the spotlight. So here’s my go-to advice. (Note I am not a nutritionist, just someone who has found my way through lots of practice.)

If I know I need to perform at a high level the next day I do the following:

  1. Only drink water all the way up to an hour prior to being on stage. The last hour is when I use the restroom however often necessary so I don’t have to go while on stage.
  2. If it’s a morning performance, I drink green tea which is a great detox drink for your system—but drink it the day before as it’s a diuretic (something that makes you have to pee). And I promise, this whole post is not going to be about pee. 😉
  3. My go-to morning meal is one egg with spinach and avocado. The egg provides protein—great for mental awareness, spinach for my iron and fiber and avocado is a great healthy fat to keep my joints lubricated and give me energy.  If I’m traveling, I do not get the potatoes they always try to add to the plate. Potatoes drag my energy down. I don’t want a full stomach that weighs me down so if the meal comes with potatoes, I substitute them with a fresh fruit bowl.
  4. I stay away from fast action sugar. By this I mean any junk food: things made with sugar, breakfast pastries, cookies, candy, trail mix with M&M’s… They give brief energy but then comes the crash and I have to fake my energy. This is not a time to fake it until you make it. Fruit has fiber in it so whole fruits are good as the fiber helps your body absorb sugar at a slower rate. Fruit juice=bad, as it’s all the sugar from the fruit but none of the fiber so it’s truly just as bad as a candy bar.
  5. No alcohol. Alcohol disrupts my sleep cycle so I don’t sleep well. The sugar in alcohol causes bloating, which when I am in a form-fitted costume I don’t want my bulging stomach to be the one giving a standing ovation. Lastly, I once heard that a martini has the calories of 4 donuts! FOUR!!! I don’t know about you but I would rather eat the donuts on my day off;) LOL



6. The last thing I do before I go on stage is to go through every transition, every step, every word to make sure it’s at the top of my mind. I once forgot a lyric on stage during a solo… And the fear of that happening again is enough for me to ensure I have everything set in my mind. I go through everything while I am getting ready, from shower to blow drying to make up to getting dressed.

If you have other tips to share leave a comment below as I am always trying to learn new ways to keep me at the top of the game!

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