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Are You Erasing Yourself From The Story?


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Did you know your face is your best asset? You may not think that, but it truly is. Showing your face on social media, Zoom calls, and websites is a part of telling your story. Here are some things to think about:

  • 90% of magazine covers have faces on them.. Why??? Because we relate to seeing others.
  • In theatre, they sometimes only light half of the performer’s face because the audience fills in the rest! (That’s how much we adore faces; we can even picture what we can’t see!)
  • Having your face on your website can help calm buyers because they not only see your services but who is going to deliver them.

Unfortunately, some people erase themselves from existing in the digital world. They shy away from posting pictures for a variety of reasons.

I was talking to an author friend a few weeks ago, and she quietly confessed, “I want to post some behind the scenes pictures of me and my process… But I hate the way I look in pictures.”

I, unfortunately, completely understand this due to my own previous issues. We are often so critical of ourselves. We see the flaws that nobody else sees. Sometimes, we look in the mirror and only see what needs to be fixed. We have trained ourselves for years that we are not enough. We are not the beauty ads we see, so we are critical of what we see in our reflections.

If you are like me and have built that habit over the years, let’s both say…



Let’s be bold and show the world we come in all shapes, sizes, ages… And each stage of life should be celebrated because that’s humanity. The more variety everyone sees, the more acceptance we build of differences. We deserve to be the star of our own story. If not you, then who??

Repeat after me… “I am beautiful in every form.”

And I’m right here cheering you on. #iamenough


Much Love,

Misty Megia
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