Are You Still Passionate About Your Life?

Time changes us. It changes our experiences, which change how we view the world and what matters to us. What you were passionate about five years ago, maybe even one year ago, may not be what drives you today.

Recently, I made a tremendous shift in my future as a writer. It felt like a calling card, in a way, toward what I want to do versus what I’ve been doing. My way of saying, Yes! I’m ready to go forward.

I canceled from a writer’s event that I had registered and paid to attend, an event I’ve attended before and loved. But I realized I wasn’t looking as forward to it as I should be for something I paid to attend. And after reading the education sessions, I realized that the path I’ve been on isn’t changing: It’s changed.

What I want to focus on is different now.

So I canceled my registration and decided to save up for a different event next year, one that does speak to what drives me as a writer now.

Years ago, when I started writing for publication, I chose the genre of fictions I loved to read and that a few of my favorite authors wrote in: historical romance. I’m finishing my fourth book in that genre –which through the four books have increasingly become more and more suspense/thriller focused, and while I’m saying goodbye to that genre, I’m also excitedly moving into a new one: the world of contemporary suspense and thrillers. And I can’t wait to write my next book.

Passion changes. This is not a shocking statement.

Whatever your creative goals are, know that if they change, shift, grow or move in a new direction, it’s okay to change. In fact, I would go so far as to say we have to change to grow, to innovate, to grow our goals.

[Tweet “You have to listen to the moments that are guiding you down your new path.”]

You just have to listen to the moments that are guiding you down your new path. They aren’t always loud. Sometimes, it’s a whisper, a feeling, something that pushes you to do something surprising. Listen. You might love where it takes you. And be mindful that there are no mistakes.

Take it from Oprah:)


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