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Easy Speaking Tips to Reach Every Audience Member, Part 3


We are on the 3rd and final piece of learning how to reach all seven different learning styles when you are presenting.  If you haven’t read the first and second articles, definitely check them out so you can wow the audiences with your incredible bad self.

The last two learning styles that we are going to focus on are:




The Social Butterfly Learners

If you love working in teams, bouncing ideas off of each other, competing against others, having a part in building something elbow-to-elbow with your besties, then you may be a social learner. Individuals that are social learners thrive on learning from others, group dynamics, and are energized by having one or more people that push them to excel.


When you are speaking to an audience it is easy to incorporate this into a presentation. Give them a challenge to complete with their neighbor, a mini competition. Something where they have to engage at least one other person to accomplish, problem solve or brainstorm.

Going back to the first article example you are training them on an app maybe you have explained how to download it and get their twitter followers integrated into the app. Well have them turn to one of the people on either side of them and have them as a team both download the app on to their phone once they complete it as fast as they can they stand up with their phone in the air. This will get them both working to help each other to do all of the steps together, talk one another through the steps and competing with other. It’s social gold!! There are endless ways that you can incorporate these into any presentation no matter the size of the group. Be creative, have fun and watch the social magic come alive.

Solitary. Solo. Uno. You get the point.

Solitary learning, solo, love to work with their inner thoughts and figure out. Thrive on digging into something and trouble shooting it and being the champion of “Boom solved it y’all!”. Don’t confuse solitary learners with shyness, introverts and the like, although none of those things are negative at all being a solitary learner is more about your learning style than your personality.


Individuals that are solitary learners are best using a self study method. They are typically very good at watching a demonstration and then working on their own towards a solution. It can sometimes be frustrating for them to work in team trouble shooting as they feel that others slow them down or may drive the decision in the wrong direction.

When you are speaking here are some ideas that you can use to incorporate the solitary learning style. Give them audience something to read, absorb and figure out on their own. This actually works really well in tandem with the social learning style. You first give the individuals time to work out a solution in their head, reading everything and then they can move to a group so you are giving the solitary learner their time to discover their own outcome and then have them discuss it with a neighbor to include the social learners.

A Round of Applause for You.

We are done!!! That’s it! Over! You learned all 7 or maybe you just learned these two and need to go back to the rest either way high five people!

Now that you have the styles under your belt. Carefully look at your presentation and see how you can change it up to drive your message home. You will inspire, you will engage, and they will leave your presentation feeling like it was worth their time. Which is the goal for all of us.

I love brainstorming as you probably have understood if you’ve read my other articles so show off some of your ideas of how you would incorporate these styles into a presentation and let’s help each other kick butt when we are on stage!

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And lastly thanks for your time:)


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