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10 Mistakes Even Seasoned Speakers Make (Click to download!)

A lot of speakers tell you their stories of epic failures or huge wins after a presentation but very few share the mistakes that helped shape them into better speakers. It’s almost like they feel they have cracked the secret code and it’s forbidden to share the recipe to success. If that is true, then call me a rebel because I am spilling the beans today!


Client Interview Questions for Business Strategy (Click to download!)

Most companies get to a point where their growth flatlines. I’ve discovered hyper focusing on your ideal client not only stimulates immediate growth but also brings joy by attracting clients who understand your value. There is no more haggling on prices and a faster turn around on your agreements.

​Here is my client interview form I’ve used over the years to help identify your ideal client so you can duplicate them! No science class necessary 😉

Connect deeper with your prospects by first requesting the downloadable client interview form. Next, identify who you are looking for. Then, connect with a client you love or a prospect you would like to have as a client and:

-Ask them for 30 minutes of their time to interview them

-Pull out this printed form and ask them these questions

-Your only mission is to ask, then listen and write

-Once you have 10 interviews, start looking at the commonalities

-Build your ideal customer with those commonalities to start your business planning

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  • Bill Plaugher November 4, 2021  

    I would like to receive the free form mentioned in the QB Connect webinar.

    Thank you