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How to Make Customers Fall in Love With You

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Love is in the air in spring, and it’s the perfect time of year to perfect your skills in adoration and heartfelt appreciation. It’s also time to amp up your game in getting your customers to fall in love with you.

Love may be complicated but here are some key tips in helping turning your customers into your Valentine.

1. Start with a smile

I once heard that when a child walks into a room, they can tell by your voice if you are truly happy to see them. At a young age, we are conditioned to understand the tonalities of someone’s voice before we even understand the words.

We know the tone of anger, warning, sadness, and of course the happy tone. We are driven to hear that tone to know that we are pleasing someone. When a client calls you or walks in through your doors be honestly happy to see them and make sure that your tone and body language reflect your words. Whether it’s the smile from across the store that says, “It’s okay to approach,” or the smile in your voice when they call, a smile is imperative.

This may sound easy, but just smiling without changing the tone in your voice or your body language will not work. The whole picture has to communicate the message of happiness. You want to help them feel welcome.

In theater there are tricks in creating a connection on stage that is believable to an audience. One is two characters making eye contact when they talk. The second thing is matching energy so they are vocally and physically in sync. The last is the honest way they react and physically communicate. Figure out your ways to communicate that is true to yourself. If you are not a bouncy outgoing person than don’t be. Being genuine is key when you start with a smile. This is not a fake scary smile, this is a true I-am-so-happy-to-see-you-or-hear-from-you smile.

2. Listen

Create a safe space where people feel honored and heard. In any strong relationship, you must not underestimate the role of listening.

This isn’t you sitting there, thinking, “Hmm, what will they want to buy? What’s their dollar limit they are willing to spend?”  This is listening to their problems, their goals, their dreams and then figuring out how your business can help them succeed in any of those areas.Gigner kitten sleeping

Sometimes you will be hearing about their bad day and their dog dying. Sometimes, they have received an award and are looking for celebratory reactions. Whatever it is, lend an ear and be a person that cares before being a salesman.

People buy from people they connect with.

3. Give to Get

You need to add value to their life before you can ask for anything.  You should always give without even considering what you may or may not get.

When you are giving of your time, advice, and skills, you will always be rewarded in some capacity.  Eventually, that will be in the financial capacity as well. It shows that you care about them and their well being. People don’t forget that.

As an example whenever I meet someone my first thought is – How can I help them? It’s never what can I sell them. When you’re listening you will uncover what is their companies biggest problem? What are they needing to succeed? What are they wanting to accomplish for the year? Then after discovery mode, I think about what connections do I have that I could give them would help their success. I think about people in my circle of influence that may need their services or product.

Marionette happy and excited, christmas cookie backgroundI also expect that when I introduce anyone in my circle to someone that may need their services that they start with building a bond and the relationship before they even think about selling them. We are all humans beings that crave connection so connect with someone. Understand how you can improve their life in the simplest of ways that could create a big impact.


4. Build a connection

A connection is a bond that comes from verbal or non verbal communication. A relationship continues to work on that bond. In business this can be through any form of communication that keeps them in your world. You can do this through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You have the ability to connect with people in a wide variety of ways and you can select anything that suits your style and personality.

When I had my retail space I had local and international tournaments that were outstanding events with lines down the block. When we were registering attendees along with the typical contact information we would ask for the name they use on Facebook. Each competitor that was physically in our establishment I would take pictures of them and their friends competing with their game face on. We posted the pictures on our Facebook page tagged everyone in them and they would all share the shots. It was something easy to do and built a connection reminding them of their time with us.

Building a connection doesn’t always have to be a touchy feely conversation. Think of all of the ways you can stay connected with your valuable customer. Be consistent. Show your personality. Find the right avenue for you to communicate and for them to respond.
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Note: When you first meet a potential client and you are gathering their information gather as much intel as you can. If you don’t have a stellar memory for these pieces, add notes to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) about their interests, birthdays, kids names and spouses name so when you talk to them again you can bring them up and continue to build that bond. This information can be extremely valuable in a variety of ways.

5. Consistency

This is two fold. One, provide consistent, outstanding work, communication— always on time. Second, do all of the above tips with consistency. Constantly show appreciation for them being a part of your life. Put things into a task list that reminds you and keep you on schedule. You have a lot to offer the world. Know that you are unique in what you can provide. Your life path has been unlike anyone else. Use your journey to provide something that speaks your truth. They have been drawn to your product or services and to you for a reason. Be a positive impact on their life. Constantly look for ways that you can show your true self.

When you: genuinely smile, listen to their journey, give something that will help them succeed in their mission, give them what they need before you ask for anything, build a strong connection and consistently be a person they can trust and count on. There is no doubt that they will fall in love with you and your brand.

As they say, “People may forget what you said but they will NEVER forget how you made them feel.”


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