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How to Soar into the New Year With A Stellar Plan of Action!


Goal setting is for wimps.

I mean who really wants to sit there and marinate on what you should accomplish this year and create an actionable plan when you can be a leaf in the wind?

Sure, sometimes you end up in a gutter BUT if you’re lucky, you could also end up at the top of a mountain. Right?

Okay Lucy, you got a lot of explaining to do. Repeat after me goals are good. Goals are good.  Goals are good!  They really are.  Goals are meant as guidelines to help you. They are not some evil thing that pressures you into a life surrounded by fences. They are bumpers to help gently guide you.

Now that we have our mantra, it’s your time to dream of what you really want to accomplish. Big or small. Go ahead, close your eyes and dream… Well close one eye so you can dream and continue reading;)

Give yourself a moment to reflect on what you want out of life and your career, so you know that each step you take is moving in the right direction. Here are a few quick, easy steps toward creating some goals.

1. Goals should be big picture item

     What helps you reach your goal are tasks. I.e:

     I want to start a blog=goal,

     I need to write some articles = Task to help me achieve said goal

2. What is it you always wanted to do?

I am a theater arts graduate and I love all things creative.  So… I started working at a company that trains accountants in technology.

Yes, you read that right.

Now this is a bit of a confession… At first, I was completely lost in the job. Until I sat down and said, Self, what is it that I can offer to this company? What unique skills do I bring to table?

I set out to create their first web TV show, build relationships as I understand people, negotiate contracts and so much more.  I took all the things that I know how to do well and created opportunities for myself to help the company build revenue and recognition. I then found my reason to get out of bed in the morning.

What’s yours?


3. Understand your personal goals.

Do you have a personal goal of having kids? Buying a house? Traveling? Becoming a world sought after speaker? What is it you want in your life?  What do you envision your life to be? How can      your goals this year get you one step closer?

4. Lastly, if your goals are for a company, where do their goals and your goals meet?

How can your goals support their overall vision of the company? It doesn’t matter if you are working at a video game store or at Apple (or a company that trains accounting professionals), the company has a mission for the year and beyond, and you should find out how your skills can best accomplish or support that mission.

Can you still be a leaf in the wind? Yes. You can. I am a firm believer of setting goals but I am also a firm believer of flexibility. Let those goals sway a little and float in the wind. They can change and adjust and take you to new places based on presented opportunities.  You never know where the breeze might take you.


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