You know that feeling before you hop on screen to present, where the excitement is running through your veins, or perhaps that’s fear for some, and you are desperately trying to tell yourself it will be ok?

What if I told you there is an easy way to squash those nerves. Something so simple that will help ground you in that moment and set you up for success.

The answer is creating a pre presentation checklist. These are habits you create and repeat every time to get ready for a presentation. When you create habits your body sees it as something normal you are going through. It’s just another day… This is what we always do…

You could add jumping jacks, music, lighting a candle, meditation you just need to determine what would work for you by putting things into practice.

Adding these traditions will keep the fight or flight panic at bay. You’re no longer feeding the anxiety monster but feeding your needs of what helps relax you or energize you.

It’s fun to create these habits and beyond beneficial.

Here’s a peek at my pre-presentation checklist/habits đŸ˜‰

Start creating habits that ground you for your presentations. I promise it will calm your nerves and gear you up for success.

Good luck!!

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