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The Only Way To Win Over Your Audience as a Speaker


I have been speaking in front of audiences that I love for over 20 years. I started out with presentations—mostly technical training on products.  I developed marketing training that won awards (my boss and I would dress up in medical uniforms and do a joint presentation of how to bring back your company’s retail health back to life. We gave away emergency kits at the end of the presentation).  Most recently, I was MC of an event, speaking on stage to another set of audience members I adore.

You must adore your audience in order to embrace them.

I don’t mean with hugs, although I have been known to hug my audience, but I mean truly embrace everything about them.

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How do you do that? The easiest way to fall in love is to get to know them. Know their likes, their dislikes, their struggles, their accomplishments. Do research on them. Ask the person running the event you’re speaking at what data they have (if any) on the attendees that will help you understand them.

Today, I am speaking at an event called Bookkeeping Buds. I know that the amazing woman who is running and attending the event is a huge Disney fan. I know that this group has an incredible sense of humor. I know they are bookkeepers looking for ways to grow their business, grow as human beings and try to get that life-work balance. (Who can’t relate to that?) I know these women are searching for their voice when they have to deal with CPAs.

I understand that the marketing terms I may have used they may have never studied so I am changing the language. I created a Disney Like fairytale to start the presentation that gives a great analogy to their day to day life of wanting to please and help everyone. I adore them. They are my favorite people.

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The best way to embrace your audience is to know them so well they feel like your best friend, then stand in front of them be vulnerable and look them in the eyes and share with them your most valuable lessons.



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