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The Power of Speech


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Whether it’s a song or a pep talk from a friend, we all have those weeks where we need a pick-me-up. For me, hearing any inspirational words from the one and only Viola Davis usually does the trick. Take a listen to an excerpt from one of her powerful speeches.


“We are all a product of our environment. Your existence is an amalgamation of every triumph, every hard-won battle, every woman who had an idea and massaged it and had the courage to use it to change the world, every person who survived… wars and passed their dreams onto you, of love, of hate… I jumped out of a plane recently. Lost my mind for half an hour. But you know, when you’re flying up in the plane, you’re anticipating the jump, your heart is beating, you’re praying, you’re doing everything possible, then your instructor says ‘it’s time.’ So this is how I’m going to end it. When you put your legs outside of that plane, he tells you to put your hands up, put your head back, and then you fall. So with my hands up, what I’m saying – your leap, your mark in your history. Perhaps your elixir is simply this – that you can either leave something for people, or you can leave something in people. Thank you.”


Hearing her words makes me feel heard. And I hope it did the same for you. That is the power of speech, of our words, of spoken word. I hope this gave you renewed motivation to conquer your week.

If this has you yearning for more Viola Davis, here are 2 more powerful quotes!


Her new memoir, “Finding Me” is out!! Which is even more reason to be in awe of this talented, beautiful human. Anyone else reading it?? 📚


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