Tips: Adjusting Your Presentation For Ultimate Success

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Picture this – you’ve created your amazing script, practiced it a whole bunch, and now it’s time to work on your delivery – the powerful pacing, thoughtful tone, and open body language.

We all know the voice of doubt shining a blinding spotlight in your eye, asking you to confess your speaking anxiety and spitting out questions at Usain Bolt speeds…

“Do I have the right opener? What’s in it for my audience? Are my stories the best stories?”

It’s hard for most speakers to set those doubts aside. No matter how many years of presenting, we question ourselves. The good news is these questions are healthy. It means you care…But how do we pass through the interrogation and avoid full cardiac arrest??

One way of avoiding this is to record your presentation, watch it back, and take notes as an audience member.

Does your storytelling and delivery match how you thought you performed? Do you need to fine-tune your pacing so it feels more natural? Can you adjust your tone and body language to be more engaging? What can you change so you enjoy watching your own presentation back?

If you still feel stuck and unsure of how you should sound, try asking yourself this question when watching your video back: Is this how I would talk in a one-on-one conversation with my best friend?

Do you light up with warmth when your close friends walk in the room? Do you tell your stories in more detail? Are you a natural jokester when they’re around? One of the best ways to welcome someone, and therefore an audience, is to treat them as if you are already best friends. This allows you to not only bring your guard down and be your charming, authentic self but to also break down any barriers your audience may have from openly receiving your message.

If you need further help determining what to look for when watching yourself back, check out these 10 Mistakes Even Seasoned Presenters Make!

Addressing these questions will help you envision your performance exactly as your audience sees it, adjust where needed, and bring to life the dynamic delivery you want!


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