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Woman to woman, it’s time we had a little chat about something. A lot of people are the first to say “no” to themselves, before even trying. Especially women.

This stems not only from the way society talks to and about us, but also from the way we internalize that dialogue and talk to ourselves.

As human beings, from the moment we’re born, we dream during sleep. In fact, some studies show we might be able to dream before that; however, those dreams shift. When we become aware of what society has to say, our dreams become tainted. When we learn of society’s imposed limitations and judgments, our dreams are no longer free, safe and true.

Young girls can understand society’s criticisms as soon as they start learning addition and subtraction. This means a little girl’s confidence can completely plummet as early as age 8.

I want you to imagine the version of you before you became conscious of what society has to say. Imagine your little, adorable 8-year-old self right in front of you. What is she wearing? What excites her? What was her dream? Imagine her explaining to you what and who she wanted to be when she grew up… eyes wide and hands wiggling around in joyous expression.

Now imagine someone completely shutting her down, and making her feel small. That spirit-crushing feeling is what we do to OURSELVES anytime we underestimate ourselves. Anytime we automatically shut ourselves down, assume we’re not capable of something, or say “no” to ourselves. We’re saying no to her.

Let’s flip the script! You deserve to say yes to her. You deserve to say yes to YOURSELF. In a world that loves to say no to women, be the first to say YES to you. And to investing in yourself!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your public speaking, spread that message within you or be a stronger leader, we’re here to help. If you’re ready to say yes to you, book a clarity call with us to uncover how transforming your voice can get you there. It’s time to say YES to yourself.

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Much Love,

Misty Megia
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