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Your Speaking Fear Isn’t What You Think

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When you think of the fear of public speaking, what image comes to mind?

You in a high stakes moment, forgetting your script.
You’re trying to explain a complex topic and keep stumbling over your words.
You keep repeating the same point, overexplaining to your detriment.
You hear yourself saying “um” over and over again but can’t seem to stop.
Your deck goes blank, your notes are gone, and you didn’t put on enough deodorant for this level of stress.

When you start to speak more and jump over the first hurdle of common global fears, the impact is game-changing. As you understand the strategies to manage your pre-presentation nerves, you gradually graduate past the initial baseline fears.

Upon unlocking the next level, however, that image of your fear will change. Your public speaking fear will take on different shapes before it eventually dwindles.

Now imagine you’ve been speaking for awhile. (Many of you are here!) You’ve spoken to an audience a handful of times. You feel fine being in front of an audience, the nerves aren’t controlling you, and you found somewhat of a groove… though you still scramble putting together a presentation last minute because you’re so busy trying to determine the right content to be included.

Instead of worrying about being in front of the audience, you are stressed:

Everyone in the audience already knows what you are teaching.
You feel like an imposter.
You feel like there are a ton of people teaching the same thing and you are not differentiating yourself enough.
You are worried they won’t laugh at your jokes.
You’re not giving them all the information they need so you cram in more, creating an overstuffed presentation…

Or (and this is a big one…) of not being seen or feeling like the expert in the room. We hear this a lot from speakers we work with. So, just for you, we opened up a dialogue with a couple of our program alumnae on this topic.

Take a look.

If you’re feeling this way, know you’re actually in a great spot. With the right guidance, this is where some of the deepest, most transformative parts of public speaking metamorphosize. If you choose to move through this level, this is where you will truly uncover the speaker you’re meant to be. You will unlock the next level of success – where you get to walk on stage knowing you’re about to WOW your audience. Where you’ve tested and proven the impact of your message. Where the butterflies in your stomach propel your wings to bloom and propel you toward what you’re meant for.

This is why public speaking is an ongoing craft and muscle to continually build. Whether you’re aiming to impact clients or broader audiences, it is important to learn it right so you don’t just tread but fly high and wow people with the width of your wings.

We want to see you soar. So now the question remains… how high do you want to fly?

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Much Love,

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