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This post is our fun way to share some of our favorite marketing technology tools and give you a brief description of what they can do. When we find products that work like they say they do and make our jobs in marketing easier, then we are on board. We, of course, want to share so your life can be easier too. This list is is brought to you by Misty, Jeannie and Stefanie:)

Autopilot – This is marketing automation without the enterprise price tag.  Add the ability to really target your visitors in a personal way, based on what they do, where they visit, how they interact with your website and your offers.

BaseCamp – Get organized with this terrific project management tool.  I love it – it’s my brain. It’s a great tool for teams, but also just to organize yourself.

Buffer – Buffer is a fantastic tool for sharing and automating social content. With the browser plugin, you can share any article to any of your synced social networks while perusing the Internet. You can also easily add in RSS feeds from your favorite information sources to your social queue. It’s a MUST for social media marketing and one of my top tech tools for small businesses.

Canva – Helps you create amazing social media graphics quickly and easily, like this graphic I made for Facebook by finding a quote I liked, dropping that over a graphic I chose, and putting my logo in:

CoSchedule – Awesome content calendar. Our blog wouldn’t run smoothly without this. Love it so much we did an entire article on it here. And feel free to use our affiliate link.

Dropbox – This has become the default storage drive for my computer.  Instead of leaving files on my computer’s hard drive, I use Dropbox seamlessly as the “my file” repository, which also means when I want that file on my phone, it’s there.  On my Kindle fire? Yup, it’s there.  And with the new Office integration, I can edit my word docs right on my phone.

Evernote – This is a terrific note taking tool, but where I find it so invaluable is in the ability to clip pages, articles or links directly from my browser.  I use it for research, articles, and so much more.

Font Candy + – This is a terrific app we use to build fun social media posts.  It adds text and decorations to your photos.  Go search your app store and try it out!

Facebook – Wonderful spot to start a private group and build relationships, communication, and crowd sourcing answers. Can be invaluable to members when it’s a collaborative area.

Google Analytics – You should have it hooked up to your website so you can see which pages people are visiting, how long people are staying, what articles they are clicking on, etc. All the data helps you make decisions on what to adjust, where to put your call to actions, what content is resonating with your followers, and where your followers are coming from so you can beef up your presence outside of your site. So much intelligent data to make intelligent decisions

Hats – 17Hat’s that is (okay it’s a stretch). This product is so easy for solopreneurs to do quotes, invoices and basic business needs. Note, you currently can’t have more than one user but can do customer service and automated emails to clients. It is incredibly simple to figure out. Check out the review here.

Instagram – This is the perfect social media avenue to market things which are visually appealing or visually based. Makeup, photography, hair, artwork etc.

Juvod HR – This is the easiest employee evaluation software ever. Easy to set up the criteria and then do evaluations of the performance to the specified criteria. Great for any business, even those with just a few employees. The reports write themselves. You can add additional items, but the majority of the work is done by the software once you put a slide scale rating in.

K – Couldn’t think of one;) Let us know if you have one!

Launch Effect – Helps you create a WordPress viral campaign in minutes, and it’s free.

Leadpages – Is a great, simple landing page builder for converting visitors into followers.

MailChimp –  Email marketing is still, even today, the cornerstone of any good marketing strategy. MailChimp is one of the easiest tools out there to use and comes at a really great price (free up to 2000 contacts).  If you want to use the marketing automation (and you should), the cost is minimal and well worth it.

Nimble – Social selling and CRM platform. I confess I haven’t used this yet. But the founder is amazing and the tool looks incredible. It seems very robust and the demos I’ve seen blow my mind. You should check it out.

OneNote – This is a fantastic spot to brainstorm ideas or organize your thoughts in a notebook.  It’s searchable, autosaves, and comes with Microsoft Office.

Prey – This tool helps you keep track of your physical tech:  laptops, phones, tablets, etc.  If you’ve ever sat in a coffee shop or restaurant and had to run to the bathroom while leaving your laptop on the table, you’ll be grateful for this app which instantly knows where your tech is.

Q – Also another one. I know products that start with Q but none that I use. Suggestions?

Repost – This app lets you repost Instagram posts.  Good for sharing other people’s content.

Slack –  Our main chat tool.  Here at tToM, we use this to share, brainstorm, chat, compare notes, and discuss pretty much everything under the sun.  Again, for me, the phone app makes it perfect. I can use it on any computer but also get messages directly on my phone.

Twitter – It’s a fantastic marketing tool to get relevant information out quickly. The 140 character limit forces you to be precise and accurate in your messaging.

Uber – This app is great for traveling. I wish it was around in my 20’s when I was traveling for work and wasn’t old enough to rent a car. Depending on clients to pick you up was not fun. Click on the app and get a ride anywhere in minutes. A must-have for the traveling marketeer.

Vimeo- You should have video as part of your marketing plan – 81% of Internet traffic in 2020 will be video. Video content will be vital to marketing campaigns in the near future.

WordPress – A website framework most sites are built on today.  There’s a reason for that.  It’s user friendly, constantly updating so your site will stay current, and has a multitude of plugin options.

X – Couldn’t think of one here that was a marketing app:)

YouTube – Everybody knows it and loves it. Social media is leaning more heavily on video content, and once YouTube launches YouTube Live on the mobile app, it will change the face of social media to live-action messaging.

Zapier – This little tool makes all the other tools work so well together, and it can take some of manual work out of your job.  Use it to send “To Do” items to Basecamp from gmail or a million other tasks so you don’t have to.

Have a great marketing or tech tool? Share it in the comments as we are tech geeks and love to learn about new ones!!!

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