Calming Your Nerves with Brain Entertainment

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90% of the world’s population listens to music, according to Nielsen Music 360. Psychologists agree we listen to balance our mood, realize self-awareness, and express social relations. The third reason – expressing social relations – is especially important because it reminds us we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings. It reminds us of the human experience we all collectively share. That is powerful when trying to center ourselves!

We’ve talked a lot about meditation, especially as part of your pre-presentation rituals – your performance preparation process. Music is also a mode of meditation. Whether or not you have nailed down your pre-presentation ritual, consider adding music to that mix! Namely healing sounds, classical music, or your go-to bops.

Both healing sounds and classical music are known to be incredibly therapeutic. The frequencies of healing sounds allow your brain to reset. Similarly, classical music is known to ease anxiety as it is extremely mathematical and structured, creating “brain entertainment” where your brain is comforted and naturally aligned to the rhythms and harmonies it hears.

If you try music therapy through healing sounds or classical music but find it just isn’t your jam, stick to uplifting songs! Positive, encouraging music reminds us of the inspiring messages we often forget when we feel lost in nervousness.

My music recommendation? Krista Marina! Marina makes alternative Pop/R&B that is bound to catch your ears and lift you up. You can find her music out everywhere 😄 (I may be biased because this amazing human is on my team but I think she is incredible in all ways!!!)

If you’re not sure where to start in your music meditation pursuit, check out my go-to playlist for calm, positive instrumentals!

7.1 billion use music every day as a tool to feel heard. If you have yet to explore the role of songs in your daily or weekly meditations and rituals, consider this your reminder to give it a try! And if you are an avid daily listener – what is your favorite go-to song?

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