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Think You’re Cut Out For Public Speaking?
Take This Quiz

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Have you ever wondered if you should take the stage as a public speaker or do you hear Jaws music in your head as you approach any stage?  Well, here’s a quick quiz to see if you are cut out for the task of public speaking or if you should swim right past it.

On a separate piece of paper, Word doc, or wherever you find it easiest to take notes, make two columns, one for true and one for false. Down the left hand side, write the numbers 1-14 and put your responses in each respective column next to the appropriate statement.

1. You like being the center of attention- True or False

2. You are a risk taker-True or False

3. People ask for your opinion or input on important decisions-True or False

4. You have a topic you are passionate about-True or False

5. You enjoy doing oral reports-True or False

6. You follow verbal directions well-True or False

7. You enjoy music-True or False

8. You memorize song lyrics easily-True or False

9. You have an excellent memory for names-True or False

10. You like to read to yourself or others out loud-True or False

11. You enjoy acting or being on stage-True or False

12. It is difficult for you to stay quiet for long periods of time-True or False

13. You read slowly-True or False

14. You would do public speaking even if you made no money-True or False


Now count up how many times you answered “True” and if you had:

1 to 4 True statements: You don’t find comfort bringing attention to yourself. You pride yourself in supporting others and their goals and thrive in environments where you can be the star by your hard work and actions. Does this mean you are destined to not be on stage? Not necessarily. This was me at a young age.  Check out these articles for some help:

“How I Got Over My Fear of Speaking”

“8 Moves that Will Help People Think You’re The Most Confident Person In the Room”


5 to 9 True statements: You are moderately comfortable on stage.  Although nervous on the inside, you don’t let them see you sweat. With some additional techniques, you could easily become a rock star on stage!! Here are some articles to help you boost your skills:

“Easy Tips to Reach Every Audience Member”

“Easy Tips to Reach Every Audience Member Part 2”

“Easy Tips to Reach Every Audience Member Part 3”

“Presentation Tips: What You Need to Think Before You Speak”


9 to 14 True statements: You are comfortable in the lime light and happy to share your message, thoughts and opinions with others. You understand you have a lot to contribute and are most comfortable with contributing verbally and learning through verbal methods. Take care of this skill with passion and with responsibility to lead people with honesty and integrity. Here are some articles to help you along your speaking stardom path:

“6 Healthy Tips to Keep Up Your Stamina on Stage”

“Get Hired as a Speaker Over and Over Again”

“3 of the Most Common PowerPoint Mistakes”

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